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11 April 2018

Datacloud Asia 2019

Pan Pacific, Singapore


  • 0840h
  • Official Opening
    Ivo Brook, Head of Content, BroadGroup
  • 0845h
  • Opening Keynote
    Rahul Vijay
    Rahul Vijay, Head of Global Telecom Sourcing, Uber
  • 0900h
  • Shaping the Future of Technology Infrastructure
    In this age of social media, cloud computing, big data, video streaming and ubiquitous online connectivity, telecom services providers and data center operators must be fast and furious in delivering innovative solutions to meet new customer requirements. As digital transformation pushes the boundaries of innovation, how do we win in the race to harness new global opportunities? What does it take to become the technology infrastructure company of the next decade?
    William Barney, Chairman and CEO, Global Cloud Xchange
  • 0920h
  • Asia Pacific Data Center Market Analysis
    An opportunity to get an in-depth analysis of one of the most dynamic data center and cloud markets. This will provide an overview of key trends in facilities, infrastructure and cloud architectures, how these can be seen to impact market strategies, comparison to global trends and overall market maturity.
    Steve Wallage, Managing Director, BroadGroup Consulting
  • 0935h
  • Innovative Approach to Managing Data Centers - Using Cloud, IoT, Big Data Analytics
    Companies are moving to a hybrid IT environment (one that uses a combination of on-prem data centers, edge data centers, colocation, and cloud). This move to hybrid IT is causing some infrastructure management challenges including limited visibility to all these IT environments. An approach to data center infrastructure management is needed that accounts for these different environments, while taking advantage of IoT, big data analytics, and machine learning. This new approach to data center infrastructure management should provide data center managers value and peace of mind through increased availability, efficiency, and insights. We should all aspire for the day when a service technician arrives at your data center with a replacement fan for your air conditioner, that is about to fail in the next few months. Finally, we discuss some best practices for a successful, long-term deployment of data center infrastructure management.
    Victor Avelar, Director and Senior Research Analyst, Schneider Electric Data Center Science Center
  • 0950h
  • Asia Pacific Region Leadership Panel Discussion
    Leaders from across Asia Pacific’s data center and cloud industry discuss the latest trends, technologies and strategies for the region’s industry. Analysing the completive landscape, views on infrastructure trends, emerging technologies and key developments to watch to define future market strategy.
    Chair: Steve Wallage, Managing Director, BroadGroup Consulting
    William Barney, Chairman and CEO, Global Cloud Xchange
    Krupal Raval, CFO APAC, Digital Realty
    Robin Khuda, Founder and CEO, AirTrunk
    Rajan Serniwassan, CEO, Data Center, Basis Bay; Chairman, Malaysian Data Centre Alliance
  • 1020h
  • Don’t let downtime be your downfall
    In the past year, headlines around the world have been ablaze with data centre outages and downtime affecting hundreds of businesses costing them money and business reputation. Given the costs of downtime, how can data centres can strive towards operational excellence? What steps can datacentre operators take to install a quality mindset in their operations? We will discuss the topic from three different perspectives- people, process and toolsets.
    Chris Street, Group GM – Singapore and Global Alliances, ST Telemedia Global Data Centres
  • 1040h
  • Presentation, Digital Realty
    Omer Wilson, Senior Director of Marketing, APAC, Digital Realty
  • 1100h
  • Presentation
  • 1120h
  • Catching the China Digital Wave through International Data Centre Infrastructure in China
    Jonathan Berney, Chief Operating Officer, Chayora
  • 1140h
  • Spotlight on: China
    China continues to set the tone of discussion for global development and growing IT infrastructure requirements due to industry and consumer demand look set to see this replicated in the data center and cloud computing sector. What is the current maturity of the market? Who are the key players? What opportunities are there for outside investors? And how will the cloud and data center sector factor in the ‘One Road and One Belt Initiative’?
    Chair: Yvonne Siew, Executive Director, Global Capital Markets, APAC, CBRE
    Jonathan Berney, Chief Operating Officer, Chayora
    Tom Wong, Executive Director, OneAsia Network Ltd
  • 1200h
  • Data Center Finance & Investment Panel
    Digital infrastructure has established itself as an attractive asset class in its own right, with a community of investors developing to finance the continuing demand for new data center projects. Our panel will explore the latest financial and investment trends; successful business models; funding strategies; attractive markets in the APAC and broader region; issues of risk management and exposure; and future market developments.
    Chair: Steve Wallage, Managing Director, BroadGroup Consulting
    Tom Duncan, Executive Director, Data Centres APAC, CBRE
    Edmund Tan, Executive Director, Credit Agricole CIB
    Carlos Katsuya, Chief Investment Officer & Head TMT Asia, Europe and MENA, IFC – International Finance Corporation
    Victor Kong, Founder & CEO, VK Capital Digital Funds
    Sander Mutsaers, Director, ING
  • 1230h
  • Digital Infrastructure Roadmap – How do Digital Infrastructure Development Strategies Compare?
    The transition to smart and digital economies are pivotal to many of Asia’s most populous and powerful economic powerhouses. Countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, India and China, amongst others, provide key examples of government and industry initiatives to develop infrastructure. How do strategies for the development of the digital economy vary across the region? What are the drives and the bottlenecks? What role does cloud and data center infrastructure play in this advance? And what are the strategies of regional and international government, developers and corporations to take advantage of the thirst for digital connectivity?
    Chair: Gerd Simon, Independent Management Consultant
    Herbert Chan, General Manager, iTech Towers Data Centre Services Ltd
    Garry Connolly, Founder and President, Host In Ireland
    Krupal Raval, CFO APAC, Digital Realty
    Narendra Sen, Founder & CEO, RackBank Datacenters
    Safuan Yusof, Director of Urban Observatory/CIO, Iskandar Regional Development Authority
  • 1300h
  • Asia’s Future Digital Markets Panel
    As connectivity improves across the regional new markets and locations are becoming increasingly attractive with lower real estate and power costs. Our panel will explore how countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar and Thailand are building their digital economies and the opportunities for data center investors, suppliers and operators.
    Chair: Michael Mudd, Managing Partner, Asia Policy Partners, LLC
    Eric Crabtree. Chief Investment Officer, IFC – International Finance Corporation
    Derek Hellmons, CEO, GMBX Co Ltd
    Dr. Montri Wiboonrat, Associate Professor, Thammasat University, Thailand
    Daniel Michener, CEO and Founder, Burst Myanmar
  • 1330h
  • Networking Lunch
  • 1430h
  • Energy Efficiency Panel – Roadmap for a Sustainable Data Center Power and Cooling Strategy
    Green’ credentials are more than just good marketing. Our panel explores the economic impact on data center operations of emerging power and cooling strategies, the impact of data center design and compute requirements and compare effective technologies on a regional and international basis to see which best apply to the Asia Pacific region alongside ROI of ensuring a comprehensive energy strategy.
    Chair: Paul Dwyer, Director, Head of Data Centres, JLL
    Jose Castaneda, Director, Design and Sustainability, AirTrunk
    Dean Scicluna, Business Unit Manager, Munters
  • 1450h
  • Enterprise Panel
    Enterprises provide an insight into their cloud and data center strategy and requirements. Delving into IT spend, owned vs collocated vs cloud, connectivity and energy strategy, amongst other elements, this is an opportunity to get to grips with fundamental enterprise imperatives.
    Chair: Billy Lee Kok Chi, Founding and Former Chairman, Malaysia Data Centre Alliance
    Pierre-Olivier Blu-Mocaer, Director, Technology, Deutsche Bank
    Alagu Karuppiah, Head of Information Technology, Lead Digital Transformation & Products, Diners Club Singapore
  • 1510h
  • Cloud Provider Panel – Analysing Cloud Adoption and Strategies
    Singapore, Malaysia, Japan and Hong Kong have led the way in cloud readiness and enterprise adoption, while other countries in the region are still at relatively low levels of maturity. What lessons can be shared to develop cloud readiness? What infrastructure investment and development of legal and regulatory environment is required? And how have enterprises reacted, how are they engaging with the cloud, what applications and industries are leading the way?
    Chair: Cheryl Tan, Research Analyst, Technology Research Project Corporate (TRPC)
    Abhishek Basu, Co-Founder & CEO, drootoo
    Morgan Rasan, Program Director, IASA Asia Pacific
    Sassoon Grigorian, Head of Public Policy, ANZ & SE Asia, APAC FSI Public Policy Lead, Salesforce
    Shehara Viswanathan, Lead Cloud Consultant, Cisco
  • 1540h
  • The Impact of 5G an Infrastructure Ecosystem Perspective
    Before 4G we picked up videos at the local video store, in some cases we watched them on our home laptops and PCs. 4G was the step function that allowed for a whole new market to develop in the form of a truly portable entertainment and work platform via the smart phone. However, the smart phone was only the first benefit and follow on benefits to the extra capacity and performance of 4G have led to early use of devices in buildings and homes to make them "smart". It's enabled the use of IoT in ways that would have been very difficult before. It's estimated that the average smart home will have 500 connected devices by 2022 a smart stadium might have 500,000 or more. Five years ago we collected 1.9 zettabytes of data in buildings, imagine five years from now. Video quality and quantity, gaming, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and more will in many cases be roadblocked without capabilities like 5G.
    Mark Thiele, CIO & CSO, Apcera
  • 1600h
  • Asia’s Edge – Exploring Infrastructure Requirements to Enable Edge Computing
    Edge computing is heralded as the next great step in digital innovation and consumption, bringing compute capacity closer to the point of the source, away from centralized nodes to the logical extremes of a network. Our panel will discuss what this means for data center and cloud infrastructure and how we must rethink existing paradigms of compute delivery and infrastructure ownership and responsibilities.
    Chair: Danny Ong, ASEAN Director, Tech Research Asia
    Victor Avelar, Director and Senior Research Analyst, Schneider Electric Data Center Science Center
    Senjaya Halim, Data Centre Expert, Datwyler
    Hisham Muhammad Mohamed Noor, Director, Global Solutions Architect Equinix Asia Pacific
    Ras Scollay, Head of Sales and Marketing, APAC, Colt Data Centre Services
    Mark Thiele, CIO & CSO, Apcera
    Rahul Vijay, Head of Global Telecom Sourcing, Uber
  • 1630h
  • The Ghost in the Shell – The Implementation and Impact of Artificial Intelligence
    The Internet-of-Things has created new networks of products and services, tapping into new areas of business opportunities and models – however, to Artifical Intelligence is seen as the spark required to fully take advantage IoT. AI has the potential to accelerate innovation and create a significant boost for the global economy in the coming years. Our panel will explore the disruptive impact of AI adoption, how businesses need to position themselves to derive value from AI implementation and how to prepare their infrastructure to take advantage of the catalysing nature of AI.
    Chair: Joao Lima, Founding Editor, Data Economy
    Zakir Ahmed, General Manager, Asia, NetSuite
    Vivek Mehrotra, Chief Digital Advisor – Cloud Applications Group, Dell EMC Singapore
    Manik Narayan Saha, CIO – APAC & Japan, SAP
    Steven Tucker, Chief Medical Officer, CXA Group
  • 1700h
  • Securing the Cloud in the age of IoT
    The age of interconnectivity and operability has opened up new vistas of how we view our digital environment. However what are the security implications in a world where connectivity is now ubiquitous? How can enterprises, cloud providers and other suppliers navigate the potential security minefield of data collection, brokerage and storage, data analytics, inventory management, sensor management, visualization services and monitoring, as well as device relationship management?
    Alagu Karuppiah, Head of Information Technology, Lead Digital Transformation & Products, Diners Club Singapore
  • 1720h
  • Analysing Asia Pacific’s Technical Workforce Requirements
    Our speakers analyse the technical workforce requirements to support Asia Pacific’s soaring demand for compute infrastructure. With a global shortfall in qualified talent, how can data center and cloud infrastructure stakeholders ensure they have the qualified personal in place to take advantage of growth opportunities? Where do employers see the shortfall? How do you balance legacy skills with emerging technology requirements? Is more industry outreach required to publicise the sector? What barriers are there to recruitment and retention?
    Chair: Peter Hannaford, Chairman, Datacenter People
    Sunita Bottse, Managing Director, SUPERNAP Thailand
    Chris Street, Group GM- Singapore and Global Alliances, ST Telemedia Global Data Centres
    Joshua Au, Head, Data Center, A Star
  • 1750h
  • Chair’s Closing Remarks and Networking Reception
  • 1915h
  • Gala Awards Ceremony and Dinner
  • 2100h
  • Awards Presentation by presenter Rico Hizon
  • 2230h
  • Datacloud Asia Awards 2018 concludes